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Paul's Fire Brigade Recruit Training Pictures
page 2

This is page two of my pictures from my NSWFB (New South Wales Fire Brigades) recruit training.
Click on the any image to see a larger picture in a new window.
To look at page 1 of my NSWFB Traing pictures Click Here. I would like to thank jo, Nick and Ed for giving me a copy of their photos to add to this site

Advanced First Aid covered CPR as well as giving Oxygen and using the defibrillator.

Armidale included advanced driving techniques on a specially prepared road. We soon were driving faster and cornering smoother than ever before.

We learnt that the best control was from being smooth.

After a long run-up to get to the required speed the braking exercises didn't always go to plan.
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At the end of the first day it was cans in the spa to relax and unwind before tea.

We soon learnt a thing or two about how the Fire Appliance handles under hard braking. Before we knew it we were actually better drivers because of it too.

We started driving on the skidpan. We soon grew in confidence and then became overconfident and regularly were skidding on the skidpan. Didn't we learn a lot that day.

The Commissioner took time from his busy schedule to say hello and we took the opportunity for a photo.

And then we were back on the skidpan. We took turns to drive the track, each time trying to improve on the last.

And at the end of the day everything had to be cleaned. This was becoming a habit in the fire brigade. Maybe I should tell someone.....

Finally, after two days of action, it was time to head back home again.

Checking the gear and getting ready. Safety checks are most important every time we do anything.

Nathan checks his Breathing Apparatus carefully before putting it on.

We each had a turn controlling the hose, and after we had a go we moved back and the next guy had a turn.

The idea was to let it buld up then knock it back and control the fire without putting it out so the next guy could do the same.

When the drill was finished we came out of the fire hot and sweaty, but happy as well.

With a job like this it is hard not to keep smiling.

Poseing for a group photo in Pitt St Mall, Sydney. I LOVE THIS JOB.

The Union put on a BBQ for the first day for Class 8/05. Of course the union didn't cook the BBQ, that was our job today.

Firefighters everywhere trying to get organised at a report of fire under the watchful eye of our instructors.

carrying out a gas fire drill. This sure beats being in the classroom.

Macca does a handover to the fire crew about to enter the incident to replace his team who have just rescued a dummy. Good work Macca, you deserve a break.

The staging area at Kattingal was busy, some crews getting ready to enter and others taking off their gear to cool down after they get out.

Afetr our tour of Station 18 we cleaned everything that stood still. A fair trade we thought.

We found a small out of the way area and covered it in foam. It seemed like a fair thing to do at the time.

Jo ships a standpipe. We are focusing a lot of our drills on the basics so we don't embarrass ourselves when we get to a firestation.

Rolling hose. Something we can never practice enough.

Class 5/05 spent this week practising for their graduation parade and display. Here they carry out a door entry.

After any drill is carried out we hear the catchcry "MAKE UP". That means pack everything up ready to do it all again.

I was selected to carry the flag for the Class 5 grad parade. Here is a rehearsal. Note how good class 6 (carrying flags) look.

During the grad display a car was slightly singed.

The door entry was spectacular.

At the end of the display class 5 were dismissed from the college for the last time. They seemed happy about that for some reason. Good luck Class 5, we will see you at a station in a month.

Here we are cutting a mineral trail at Woronora. This is used as a firebreak for a backburn.

We went to an unused area in HMAS Platypus to do rescue drills. It is excellent that we are able to utilise places like this for our training.

The building was filled with smoke and we searched the three floors for dummies placed their by our instructors.

One good thing about using other facilities is the view at mealbreaks. here we have dinner with a water view.

We were unleashed on the city centre a second time for fundraising. This time we were raising money for careflight.

The Breathing Apparatur Instructor briefs a team before they enter the Hot cell in search of resue dummies.

After dragging out a sandbag dummy Mick and Andrew prepare to go back into the Hot cell.

This week started with a drive from the college in Sydney to Wellington in Country NSW.

Practicing door entries prior to entering the compartment fire. This picture shows cooling the air above the door prior to opening it.

The Compartment Fire Training Facility was a shipping container with a metal entry door. Set up a fire then go in and knock it back.

Ready to search for sandbag casualties. These drills were the focus for day two of our wellington training.

The big deal was the Hot Cell. Heated to around 120 degrees this was serious training. Here the guys wait outside for their turn to go in.

When all the training was complete for the week we had a BBQ and a few drinks to celebrate and unwind.

Another interesting facility we were able to use for training is the State Rail Authority yards in Redfern.

Getting ready to enter the dark, smoke-filled platform and carriage area for Search.

A Firefighter is assisted out of the scenario as part of the drill.

Climbing a ladder to the raised platform area during Grad paractice.

The Recruit Instructor discusses how the drill will run with the top door crew.

Hugh is ready to respond in the FirePac (Fire Appliance).

Graduation finally came. It has taken 16 weeks to get here. We had a parade where we were handed our certificates of graduation and then put on a firefighting display.

I am handed my certificate by the acting Commissioner of the NSWFB.

Responding to a car fire as part of the graduation scenario.

Entering the burning building (the tower was used to simulate a building fire).

After the firefighting display we stood on the fireground to be dissmissed for the last time from the college.

And then we were able to relax and enjoy the rest of the day with our families. Goodbye.

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