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Paul's Fire Brigade Recruit Training Pictures

Here I have a number of pictures from my NSW Fire Brigades recruit training. I will be adding to this regularly as I am only part of the way through this training now.
Click on the image to see a larger picture in a new window.
I would like to thank Nick and Ed for giving me a copy of their photos to add to this site (grad page coming soon guys)

To see page 2 of my NSW Fire Brigade training Pictures Click Here

The day I put my name sticker on my helmet I thought, yes, I have made it. This picture is taken from the top of the tower looking over the inner Sydney suburbs .

Some of the guys in the turnout shed. Quick changes are becoming our speciality

Hose drills in the yard were always a welcome break from being in the lecture room.

Its the job of the junior man (us when we graduate) to roll the hose to the hydrant and to roll it up at the end of the job.

Here is most of the class standing on the balcony in BA section.

The SCBA wasn't very comfortable, but once your mind was on another task it was forgotten.

The Fully Encapsulated suits were something else, a bit spaceman really.

Decontamination, it wasn't fun or not fun, it was just...interesting.

Class 4's graduation was an interesting day for us.

The explosions for the graduation firefighting display were very effective. Thanks for this picture Nick.

The tower looks pretty menacing on a dark day. Interesting picture, thanks Ed. It looks like something out of a Stephen King movie.

Setting up for rescue off the tower under the watchful eye of the Recruit Instructor.

Nick was first over the edge......

Simply kneel on the edge and rock back, trust in the equipment.

And down he goes. It is difficult to trust the man at the top not to let you down too fast.

Once you get moving it is much easier, even a bit of fun.

Almost to the bottom, and still alive too.......

Some of the guys had a balcony to overcome part of the way down. Lucky buggers.

The Instructor helping talk Brendan down. Now just let go of the rail.

Picking up a rescue victim from the balcony. Thanks Hugh, you're my hero.

Everyone knows it hasn't happened until you have told your mates about it in the lunch room.

After lunch was self rescue.

Trust us Brendan, we have checked the equipment and you can let go the edge now.

And down we all went again, seven stories of good fun.

We learnt to use the ladder as a rescue device.

Doesn't this look comfortable. Just hanging around for a while.

Vehicle rescue techniques were taught late in the week. Here is Andrew cutting a windscreen out of a commodore with an axe.

The apprentice places a relief cut in the gusset of the A pillar in preparation for using a ram to spread the dash. What I really mean is here is one of the guys playing with the biggest and best toys.

Snow-Ski uses a hydraulic spreader to force a door open.

When we went to motor school the other half of our class did rescue techniques. That looks high from down here.

Top Belay pick-up.

Before we could drive we had to carry out mechanical checks, just like on the Barina really.

How many recruits does it take to check the oil? On these babies it takes four just to hold the dipstick...

Whats that, the beach, yes its just over theerrre.

Motor school was excellent. Driving the Fire Appliances all over Sydney.

Of course it was no picnic being a passenger. Just studying for our exam.

After an hour or so in the Appliance it was good to stretch and get some fresh air.

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We spent quite a bit of time in the classroom having lectures.

Brendan, a picture of concentration on the standpipe. Getting out in the yard and doing drills was always a welcome break from the classroom.

A couple of petrol driven pumps and some hose was enough to keep us amused for ages.

Our field trip turned out to be assisting in a controlled burn. We used Petrol Pumps, hose and hand tools.

Once we set up our gear we just waited for the fire to start. Here we all are waiting and looking cool in our bushfire jackets (first wear)

Once the fire had been lit it was all go, and back and forth and to the pump and along the trail and hold the hose and ....

Of course there were times when we just had to stand and watch to make sure all was well. Good job guys.

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The apprentice sets to work adjusting the pressure out of the Firepac pumper.

The Motor School Instructor keeps an eye on Dan while he operates the pump.

Part of the weeks lesson was how the pump operator affects the guy on the hose. here we have wound the pressure up a bit higher than normal to get a feel for the jet reaction. Can you feel it guys?

The guys on the hose were working hard, but it was no picnic at the pump either (as you can see....).

Once our lesson was learned we started using the ground monitor. Now that is getting some serious wet stuff on the hot stuff (or the cold river in this case). This ground monitor was working at around 1,000 Kpa.

No week would be complete without washing something and this week we washed the Fire Appliances.

To see page 2 of my NSW Fire Brigade training Pictures Click Here

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RSL Art Union, Supporting Our Veterans
RSL Art unions. Buy a ticket, Win a house, Support Our veterans.

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