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It has never been easier to make some extra money online.

More and more companies are turning to online surveys to find out what the consumer wants, how they think, what they are prepared to spend. This research is worth a lot of corporate money and so the companies are prepared to pay for it. So how do you profit from this. Well I have a list here of legitemate companies that will pay for your opinion. There are so many scam companies especially in the paid email area that many people are put off. These are all great companies that I am a member of and have been happy with. I am sure you will be happy too.

Of course you must realise this is not a get-rich-quick website. Most of these companies only pay a few cents for an email or from a few cents to a few dollars for a survey. The trick is to join a number of companies so that the few dollars each month from each site will add up to something worthwhile. Of course every now and then a focus group will come up which pays $70 to $100, or a survey might be available for you which will pay $20 to $50, but these do not happen very often. When they do, look on them as a bonus.

So, here are my pick of survey companies for you:


Online surveys, online shopping rewards, paid to read email:

EmailCash is a great site to join. They have a short survey and paid ad every day which you can click for a few cents as well as a heap of other features to make it interesting to visit regularly. Have paid advertising sent as email for 5c per click.

Click Here to visit emailcash

Pure Profile

Paid surveys, paid to click on Advertising Offers

Pure Profile is another very good site. You fill in your profile and the site sends you offers of surveys, paid to click on ads and emails based on your preferences. This site averages around 10c per click and when your account reaches $25 you can transfer this balance to your bank account.

I have already been paid a number of times through Pure profile and put them high on my list of sites to join.

Click Here to visit Pure Profile

Jumbo Rewards

Paid for surveys, paid to read email.

This site is modelled on emailcash. It is very similar but does not have the same content. Still, it is worthwhile joing and at 5c per email is a reasonable reward.

Click Here to visit Jumbo rewards

Rewards Palace

Paid to participate in Surveys, read email or shop online.

Another site similar to emailcash. Get rewards for shopping online, for clicking on emails and for doing member surveys. This site also has daily rewards to encourage you to visit more often.

Click Here to visit Rewards Palace.

Valued opinions

Paid Surveys

Earn up to $5 for each online survey completed and then use this to choose a reward voucher from one of their store partners. Plus, for this month you can go into the draw to win an iPod Nano.

Click Here to visit Valued opinions
For Male participants only Join the Valued Opinions, and you could win an iPod Nano!

Paid Surveys & Competitions.

Join aShopFor and you'll earn cash for completing surveys, offers & competitions. Every new member receives $10 on signing up, and will also get the chance to enter to Win $10,000 or a Las Vegas Holiday thanks to Search & Win.

Click Here to visit Get $10 when you signup.

Australia Survey Panel

Paid Surveys

Sign up to Australia Survey Panel and they will send you an email every time there is a survey available for you to complete. Earn from $1 to $10 for most surveys. Payments by cheque or through Paypal.

Click Here to vist Australia Survey Panel

Dynamic Rewards

Paid for shopping online, shopping offline, reading email and participating in surveys

Another reward program where you earn points for surveys, shopping and clicking on sponsors advertisements. You are able to redeem your reward popints for Cash or Gifts. Well worth the effort.

Click Here to visit Dynamic Rewards.

Opinion Matters

Paid Surveys

Members of Opinion Matters take part in Online Surveys to express their opinion and to receive Cash and Prizes. Every time you complete a survey you will earn points worth between $2 and $10.

Click Here to visit Opinion Matters.

Lightspeed Consumer Panel

Paid Surveys.

Complete surveys and receive Lightspeed Points that are redeemable for Credit through PayPal, Online gift vouchers, or make a Donation to charities.

Click Here to visit Lightspeed Consumer Panel

Opinion World

Paid Surveys

Jojn Opinion World and every time a surveyu comes up that fits your profile they will send you an email invitation. For each survey you will be able to donate to charity or win an instant prize as well as going into a grand prize draw.

Click Here to visit Opinion World
or for MALE 16 - 24 years old - Click Here to visit Opinion World and you could Win a new PS3

Qualified Opinion Research panel

Paid Surveys

Qualified Opinions is a community of people who are asked to participate in online surveys and discussions online. When you participate you are given a chance to win $50,000 as well as other cash prizes, free fuelvouchers and lotto tickets.

Click Here to visit Qualified opinions Research Panel

Survey Village

Paid Surveys

Market and social research provides accurate and timely information about the behaviour, needs, attitudes, opinions and motivations of a population. Participate at Survey Village and be rewarded for your time.

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